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Thin films and nanostructures manufacturing.
Electron paramagnetic resonance.
Atomic force microscopy.


Fundamental studies.
Applied researches.


Information message 3

Dear oral speakers,
We ask you send your presentation in * .pdf format. to the Organizing Committee  mpps_sp2020 at till 13.09.2020. The presentation file name should be in  english. If for some reason you cannot submit your report till this time, there will be   possibility to upload it just before your presentation on the Conferece, but it will  take some time and you will need carefully to read the BlueBigButton manual.
Information message 2

Dear conference participants!
We would like to inform you that the International Conference Modern Problems of  Solid State Physics and Statistical Physics due to the extension of COVID-19 quarantine will take place online in webclass system (BigBlueButton software product).
Please find enclosed the Instruction (the part “meeting participant” is needed only for  the participants).
On Monday, September 14, 2020 from 9:00 to 10:00, anyone can check the link:
Please also find enclosed part of the program of the International Scientific Conference Modern Problems of Solid State Physics and Statistical Physics; (1st day 14.09.2020 - the first session from 10:00 to 13:00).
Oral reports: 15 min. + 5 minutes for questions.
The Organizing committee

Information message 

International Conference “Modern problems of solid state and statistical physics” dedicated to 90 th birthday of academician Viktor Bar’yakhtar and 25 th anniversary of the Institute for Magnetism of the National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will be held by the Institute of Magnetism on September 14-15, 2020 in Kiev.
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